OnLive doubts

This article at Eurogamer does a great job at pointing out weaknesses in the concept of OnLive. I like the smell of the scientific method in the morning (well, midnight…).
The guy’s strongest argument I think is that if they indeed managed the necessary technological breakthroughs, why do they bother with video games? That video compression thingy alone would be worth a stellar amount of money for the military or any telecom company.

EDIT: Another article on the topic.

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OnLive buzz

OnLive looks quite interesting. If it works as advertised, then it makes gaming very convenient (and steps on quite a few toes in the process). Just click and play without downloading and installing sh.t or keeping your PC hardware up to date…
So this announcement probably caused some raised eyebrows at console and HW manufacturers, I’m looking forward to their reaction.
From a game developer perspective, it is also a nice idea: developing for only one platform while reaching a quite broad audience. I generally encourage competition but making a game parallel for 3 totally different SKUs is a pain in the ass.
I really hope this concept works and the net lag won’t be an issue. Then I hope that it will be available outside the US soon. Or rather that I find a job in North America…

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First post

Testing the blog engine… 1,2,3…

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