Kittens – They stalk, capture, kill

Last week I spent an incredible 2.5 hours with 6 kittens. The fun never stopped. Watching and interacting with six little predators learning the tricks of hunting was simply amazing.
I took my good old FZ30 with me and shot some video. Here are the highlights:

While their moves have more enthusiasm than precision at this point, they do foreshadow the effortless elegance of an adult cat.

I love cats.

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Modo 401 – It’s getting there

In the past few days I’ve been discovering Modo 401. Here are my thoughts on the new version:

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Modo 401 is out!

ModoI’m downloading my new, shiny toy, Modo 401.

I don’t care much about new features like fur rendering and volumetrics, but I’m certainly looking forward to the new content browser, rigging tools and new 3D viewport features.

(And I reeeaaally hope that texture baking toolset is properly done this time.)

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Lina – The arrival

In September 2006 our previous cat, Nina passed away. That year was crappy in more than one way, and the poor cat’s illness and eventual death was the sad cherry on top.

After the unfortunate events the family agreed that we don’t need another cat, ever.

Two months later the topic of kittens became unusually frequent. Not that we wanted a cat, ever again, because we didn’t, not anymore. But if we did, we would have like a gray one, we like gray cats, and it would be really young, so we’d bring it up properly, as opposed to our other cats who were strays and picked our home as their place to live, and they had no vaccination and their medical history was unknown to us.
This theoretic cat would visit the vet frequently to keep its health in check and get all the vaccinations. It would have the litter box in the third floor bathroom, and I’d make toys so we could play, but then again, it’s not that we would actually get a cat, we were just having a thought experiment.

One month later we were browsing pet related websites for candidates and eventually found a litter of 13 weeks old gray kittens.

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