Firefox I always loved about Firefox is the many ways it can be extended and customized. Even if a feature is not yet integrated into the application itself, it’s a safe bet that the community will create an addon for it sooner or later.
There are many useful extensions in the addon library, and here I’d like to share the ones I found particularly handy:

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Moonlanding – The 40th Anniversary

Ah, yes, the Moon Landing… it’s been 40 years already? It feels like yesterday.

I was a mechanic at the time, stationed with the British paratroopers in Anguilla. The whole base was excited, there were bets on successful landing and predictions of how the soviet block would react.

The second lieutenant of the Royal Engineers was a good friend of mine, and he let me in the HQ. We watched the moon landing live on TV through the open door of the commander’s office while drinking beer. Good times…

Nah, just kidding, actually I was born 9 years later, but I always wanted to drop a Higgins kind of story. Jonathan Higgins from Magnum PI, do you remember? I loved that TV show. We watched that on the commander’s TV all the time…

Anyways, to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Moon Landing, here is the link to my favorite page on the topic:
Fake moon landings revealed!

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“Punisher – No Mercy” has just been released

Punisher: No Mercy

At last, it’s out! :)
It’s so good to see the fruit of our hard work finally reaching the audience.
Head over to to see what’s what. PS3 owners can buy the game in the PlayStation Store.

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