Windows 7 – Slick and snappy haven’t had this much fun with a Microsoft product since Win95.
Windows 7 (64bit) is fast and intuitive, in spite of the profound changes compared to the good old XP.

Since I prefer my OS quick, I used my XP with barebone visuals: w95 look, no shadows or menu animations. And while I still can’t stand sliding, fading crap slowing me down, every other eye candy is on in 7. They don’t seem to affect performance. Of course, having the system partition on an SSD helps keeping stuff smooth and responsive.

As expected, I did run into a few driver problems: My G15 keyboard’s extra keys stop working in certain situations, my Jabra BT dongle only works with a Broadcom driver, things like that. The most unpleasant surprise was discovering that FilterForge can’t run as a plugin on 64bit systems (only as a standalone app). :\

And UAC can get on my nerves, even at the “not at all paranoid” setting. I have to give permission for the file manager when copying, set permissions to every single dir when saving files… but I’d feel uncomfortable with a totally disabled UAC, so for now I keep clicking “yes” every 2 minutes.

Oh and it can’t connect to my WebDAV server, this piece of sh.t, so I have to use the (now freeware) BitKinex client to upload images to Gallery2.

The gaming performance I yet to test, but the Cascades DX10 demo is bloody awesome.

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