Canceled Classics I. : Sons & Daughters (US)

(The Canceled Classics series is about my favorite, prematurely canceled TV shows.)

Partially improvised show follows the struggles and everyday life of an extended American family living in the suburbs. No guns, no car chases, no mysteries. However, it is far from being boring.

While the family does face interesting and sometimes unusual problems, the storyline is only there to emphasize the best aspect of the show: the acting.

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Defying Gravity… and common sense.

I was just about to write an article on the excellent TV series Defying Gravity, when I read that it’s probably been canceled due to low ratings.
Yeah, it was smartly written with great acting and an intriguing storyline, apparently not stupid enough for the average fat-ass, consumer idiot TV zombie.

One more Canceled Classic…

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Thoughts on violence in games’ve read an interesting article on computer game violence: – Opinion: Can Games Become ‘Virtual Murder?’

I don’t agree with the Benj Edwards on this issue, but his piece, and especially the comments, are well worth reading.

The foreword is right: it is thought-provoking, so here are my two cents:

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Minority report – Fortune tellers unite.

This week’s bullshit award goes to a company which can predict game preview scores… a year in advance!

Making any kind of sarcastic remark on this would be redundant. Just check the comments. :)

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Windows 7 – Games, hickups

It’s not all peaches and cream when it comes to games.
While UnrealTournament 3 runs without problems, Fallout 3 has a few issues:
The second monitor needs to be disabled, otherwise F3 doesn’t even start. And even then, there are several crashes in game. They are usually random, but I found one consistently sending the game to hell.
It happens in the last DLC, when I get near a… hmm… UFO crash site… o_O

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