Listening to the radio

I’m having the flu for a week now, which gave me the opportunity to listen to several radio programs. I downloaded them from . (It’s not a warez site, they track torrents only for Free-to-Air broadcasts, so the mp3’s are totally legal.)

There is an insane amount of material there: documentaries, drama/horror/thriller radio plays, comedies, panel games, classic literature, you name it. Most of the content is from the BBC, but there are a few other sources like CBC.

Radio plays are really fun, as they are halfway between books and movies. You need to use your imagination, which makes the whole experience more personal, but the voice actors and the sound effects make it more real.
The production qualities are what you’d expect from the BBC, professional all around.

Of course not everything is my cup of tea, I usually reject 75% of the downloaded material after listening to them for a short while. British comedy is what I seldom find funny, some of the dramas don’t really make sense unless you live in the UK (I guess), and scifi stories can get really cheesy, but there are gems to be found in every genre and category.

Give radio plays a go if you can: they are free and fun. And you can learn stuff like Chirality.

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GViz – Gameplay Visualization Toolkit

I’m working on a project called GViz, which is a machinima extension for the Unreal 3 engine.

GViz is a set of kismet nodes and other classes, which combined with the matinee tools of the UnrealEngine, create a convenient environment for creating directed gameplay videos.

It also a gives a context for effect artists to prototype or show off special effects.

Often a short video of the action is more powerful than written words when it comes to delivering the idea, the vision, to other people. With this tool, game designers can quickly “sketch up” matinees showing new game mechanics, imagined scenarios.

Effect artists can also use the system to start developing effects even in the very early days of an Unreal based project. Later, the produced effects can be easily carried over to the working game. Even if the engine is different, effect prototyping can be done quickly and without coder involvement.

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Camera extender script for modo 401 SP1

I totally forgot to post the release of my latest script:

CameraExtender v1.0: This script stores render parameters in cameras, so each camera can have its own resolution, GI settings and other properties.
The script is for modo 401 SP1 or above. Support thread.

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