3 years ago…

…around this time in the evening a kitten was born along with her two brother.
That kitten became a grown up cat who is now sleeping under the sawing machine after eating half a cow.

Happy birthday Lina! :)


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Quick update

I’ve started working on GViz full time. The programming tasks are in the adept hands of Angelmapper and hopefully I can soon strike a deal with a talented character artist as well.

After sitting 8 hours in front of the UDK, I uncharacteristically enjoy some sport-like activities: 20 minutes on the exercise bike (sometimes spinning it) and 20 minutes of Powerballing for some forearm strength are preparations for the main event: the Sunday morning indoor bouldering.

I tried wall climbing after seeing the Mission Impossible 2 trailer back in 2000, and I fell in love with it instantly. (In spite that it was a small and dirty place, a cellar of a smokey bar.) I had no proper shoes or chalk, but I enjoyed every minute arsing around. I stopped going there when they closed the place a year later.

In 2004 the topic of bouldering came up and several coworkers expressed an interest in this great exercise. We found a newly built, clean, big place, so half the team started to go climbing after work.

Bouldering is fun when you do it, but 10x more fun when you do it with friends. I was very enthusiastic, I got carried away on several occasions and did stunts I shouldn’t have. The last straw(s) which broke the camel’s back were the stupid “who can hang on three/two/one fingers the longest” contests. Those really screwed up my fingers, they hurt for months and after that pain came back at the faintest hint of stress. I thought that that’s it, I f.cked up my chance to do the only sport I was ever interested in (well, aside of skiing).

A few months ago my brother asked if I wanted to climb again. I told him that I do want to climb (I literally dream about it from time to time) but I’m not sure if my fingers can take it.
I gave it a try and so far it seems to be working. I’m taking this slow and easy (that’s the only reason why my newbie bro is better at this already!), but it doesn’t degrades the fun.

It’s both a mental and a physical exercise: You have to plan the route you want to climb. By looking at the wall you explore different options, in your mind you do the moves which lead to the goal. This is crucial step before you jump on the wall, forget the plan and focus solely on not falling.

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Game developer magazine

Back in July the production editor of Game Developer magazine offered me a gig: reviewing modo as a game development tool. Of course I was more than happy to give it a try.

Modo 401 was just released at that point and I jumped into a quick project to see how the new features and the bugfixes are working out in real life. I created a few objects, from concept art to the final in-game version. I took notes, swore a lot, and when the project ended, I started writing.

It was an interesting challenge to cover all the important features while not exceeding the word count limit. It took me a few rewrites but with the kind help of the editor the article eventually made it to the November issue. If you can get your hands on either a printed or a digital copy, it’s on page 34. :)

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Fake faking faked fakes

This story is hilarious and infuriating at the same time:
Fake anti-spyware against fake rogue anti-spyware by S!Ri.URZ

Kids, trust no one, it’s a sea of bullsh.t out there!

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Unreal Development Kit

“Good news everyone!”

The latest build of the Unreal engine is publicly available, free for educational and non-commercial projects: Unreal Development Kit.

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