GTA 4 – Reloaded in April I was bitching about how annoying GTA 4 was on PC.

Time has passed so modern science and technology advanced to a point where most of the crap things about the game can be fixed.

There is the GTA 4 Native Trainer which is an awesome piece of hack. It bypasses all the retarded Rockstar Social Club and GWL logins and skips the intro animations. It also allows the user to tweak an insane amount of stuff: spawn cars and characters, access to trainer functions, teleport, change weather and tons of other features.

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My cat is hunting moths in the kitchen, which is one of her favorite activities. It’s about running, jumping, climbing walls, smacking bugs when they are in reach. Fun to watch and cuts back on arthropods living in the flour.

And because I’m feeling festive, I’m going to watch Die Hard.

Happy Easter everyone!

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Archibald’s Adventures the middle of the Christmas craze with all the AAA titles coming out at the same time, I found myself playing with a nice little puzzle/platformer game, called Archibald’s Adventures.

The game is simple: leave the room through the “EXIT” door. To do that you must avoid traps, transport crates, push buttons and use your brain.

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Weapon concepts

Here are two weapon concepts I’ve made for one of my running projects:

E.M.A.P.S – Railgun

Wagner PK9 – Handgun with suppressor

For the second gun I used Inkscape extensively. It’s far from being perfect, but at least it’s advancing steadily and now reached a point where I dare to use it for work.

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