Unreal gameplay rendered in modo

My current project needed a method for capturing in-game events for later use. Since the data was there I thought importing it to modo to reconstruct the scene should be straightforward. I made an importer, made a little map, captured my performance and rendered it in modo.

Download low quality version (512×288@30fps, 173 Mb)
Download high quality version (640×360@60fps, 462 Mb)

The movement of the camera and the physics driven objects were sampled at 20 Hz.
To keep the data output in check, triggers were used on the map to control which actors are captured, silencing irrelevant ones.

The final animation is three different sessions merged together. (The blending between them is quite visible, I will need to come up with a better solution.)

During import similar consecutive keyframes were dropped to further decrease the processed data. Still, after around 500 imported, processed and created key, modo’s memory consumption went through the roof (2.7+ Gb) so I wasn’t able to import the data all at once. I changed the script so it could continue from where it left off and I saved the scene and restarted modo between passes. (I did this 80 times with each import taking about 8 minutes.)

One of the key features of the importer is the capability to reconstruct the scene using the same .FBX asset files which were imported to Unreal. The directory structure for those files mirrored the package structure created in Unreal. (Which is a good idea regardless.)

Each visible object is an instance of an imported reference, so changes in content automatically update the scene. (The parent references are left at the origin but scaled down to infinitely small, so they don’t interfere with the scene.)

Bone transformations can also be captured so the next version of the importer will probably support some kind of a virtual motion capture for the player character and other skeletal meshes.

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Canceled Classics II. : Fastlane

(The Canceled Classics series is about my favorite, prematurely canceled TV shows.)

White guy, black guy: badass cops.
Undercover operation, hot chick boss, secret HQ.
Being cop, playing criminal, walking the line between.
Money, cars, women, parties, drugs, high life.
Making plan, setting up bust, screwing up, ending well.

Chasing, shooting, fighting, being cool. Verbal sparring, one liners, not Tolstoy.
Fast paced action, well spaced drama. Good acting, good writing, many cliches.
Trendy, flashy, not serious.

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Lumix GH1 lolcat recording device: I has it.

http://www.zspline.net/blog/wp-content/gallery/misc/gh1.jpgI’ve just got my Panasonic Lumix GH1, which replaces my
good old FZ30.

One of the reasons I picked the GH1 is its exceptional video recording capabilities. A 720p, 60 fps video can really show the fluid, elegant moves of our pet feline. Provided I can keep her in frame.

Yeah, I need some more practice as a cameraman. At this point my videos look more like the “Blair witch project”, but with less despair and more cats. I might make myself this poor man’s steadicam or at least get a sturdy tripod.

I also want an intervalometer, an ultra-wide lens, a tele converter and an external microphone. Hmm… can I sell my other kidney too?

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Let it snow…

General Winter seems to be reluctant to leave, so we have fresh snow yet again. No, I’m not complaining, I love winter. I also like to take photos, so here are a few of them:

The last two picture shows how very durable cobwebs are.

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A little known fact: Alanis Morissette is behind the soundtrack of Sonic CD.

Not really, no, but this early track of the Canadian singer would’ve blended right in with the rest of the cheesy vocals of Sonic CD.
(The soundtrack for the levels is still awesome in a geeky-nostalgic way.)

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