Blog design v1.2 and fields in the distance you might have noticed I updated the logo and fixed a few things in the CSS.
While I was working on those I realized that this blog is more then a year old.
My god, how time flies… I’m getting older at an alarming (yet, standard) rate.

Anyways, I also made a distance field generator in PixelBender. This famous Valve paper explains the basic idea very well, but only scrapes the surface: distance fields can be used for much more. My next tutorial will be about the practical uses of DFs, implemented in the Unreal engine.
However the generator filter is available right now: DistanceField.pbk.

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New XCOM game: Shooter missing the point

The recent announcement of a new XCOM game pissed off quite a few X-Com fans but I don’t really understand them.
I mean, the franchise was abused before so one more crappy xcom game shouldn’t be such a surprise.

Okay, maybe the game won’t be “crappy” per se but it won’t be an true XCOM game either, here is why:

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New Super Mario Bros: Addendum

I.: I really, truly and wholeheartedly hate all and every underwater levels.

II.: What the hell is going on with World 9-7? It’s so ridiculously difficult and mean that it’s borderline Asshole Mario.

III.: Still love the game. :)

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New Super Mario Bros: New and super’ve always been a fan of platformers, especially the ones starring Mario.

I first met him in a bootleg version of Super Mario Bros played on a noname Chinese NES compatible “TV computer” (“…with 1001 integrated games!”).

The game was awesome until it got incredibly difficult. Blisters started to form on my fingers due to the increased pressure I applied to the buttons, hoping that it will make Mario run faster and jump farther. It made no difference, I kept dying so I lost interest along with the skin on my thumbs.

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