GViz features: The character shader

(This series of articles is about the capabilities of GViz, a machinima toolkit for UDK.)

The ingame shader for the characters is mostly done.
It can create generic materials:

(Yeah, Victor sometimes resembles another guy also on the ICAO alphabet…)

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Victor retopology done

The vertex pushing is finally done as I have an SDS version of Victor:

The surfacing and the render was made in 3DSMax.

I like the slate material editor, but it does lack some basic functionality (like copy-paste nodes) which can get really annoying. It will be interesting to see what new versions of modo (501) and Lightwave (Core) will bring to this area later this year.

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Game music remixes

Excellent remixes of excellent music tracks from excellent games:

Paul Ograbisz – Mercenary Killer Pilot (Raptor Remix)
Paul Ograbisz – Dark War (Rise Of The Triad Remix)
(Look for that tiny “Play direct from Paul Ograbisz” text.)

SongeLeReveur – Megaman 3 Intro

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