Well, I had enough of b2evolution so now I’m moving everything to WordPress (including CMS for which I used Gallery2 until now).

B2evo was nice at first but it turned out to be a pain in the ass: WYSIWYG editors didn’t play well with certain plugins, video/flash embedding needed me hacking PHP shit and then juggling with page long embedding code snippets in every post, I had to delete autosaves manually after each publish and I could go on.

So I installed WordPress and now I’m in the process of manually recreating every single post there. Tedious, crappy job, but at least I’m forced to overview and restructure the site if necessary.

Since I managed fix this blog (at least it seems to be working at the moment), it will stay online for a few weeks, parallel to the new blog. After I’m sure the new works then the old goes bye-bye. Unfortunately then all links/bookmarks pointing to the old data will be broken. :\ Well, gain some, lose some I guess.

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This year, as in every year, we celebrate again.
The time has come to express our love and respect.
To keep alive old traditions and honor the one without whom we would be nothing.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Luxology modo 501

Modo 501 has been released.

Until now buying any new modo version was a no brainer: the new features, the bugfixes and extra polish made them a day one purchase.

However this time around I was somewhat reluctant to shell out the money for the upgrade because the most broken parts of modo (the shader tree and the baking procedures) remain intact. No nodal shader system, no baking cages, no properly made bake setup management, tangent space normal baking is still a pain, bumpmaps still doesn’t affect baked normal textures.

But that’s strictly my point of view so other people in other industries will definitely find a ton of long awaited features.

Anyway, I did buy 501 because I felt that Luxology does deserve my support for everything they’ve done and they’re known to add new features later on (502, 503). Also the SDK is much more advanced now so third party plugins might scratch my itches in the upcoming months.

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Chain of links

While I’m waiting for Motionbuilder to save a file, I watch Extra Credits (I ran out of Screenwipes). Very clever guys, I’m nodding so hard during the episodes that my neck hurts.

And here is a similar video: also clever guy also on gaming topics and I also agree with every word he says: Warren Spector’s PAX 2010 keynote. I have only the out most respect for him for making DeusEx come to life.

Speaking of which, the new DeusEx game has a viral marketing site with excellent design: Sarif Industries.

Similarly great industrial design sketches can be seen on Sketchology.

Also a graphics related blog but about characters: Character Design Blog. It provided huge amount of inspiration when I was researching character styles for my current project. The project where I animate that character in Motionbuilder.

And while I’m waiting for Motionbuilder to save a file, I watch Extra Credits

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Motionbuilder 2011: Epic fail

The 2011 release of Autodesk Motionbuilder is one of the buggiest software I’ve ever used. It’s so full of massive, show-stopper bugs that I can’t comprehend how it got through QA.

Here are the worst issues I’ve encountered so far:

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