About the Punisher project

I’ve finally had the time to write about the Punisher project I worked on.

The Punisher: No Mercy
An online shooter for the PS3 based on the Marvel comics. Details »
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WordPress plugins

Here are the WordPress plugins I’ve found useful:

AddToAny Subscribe button: Adds that RSS icon on the left, where you can subscribe to this blog.

BackWPup: Backup solution, handles all aspect of the blog from databases to image galleries. It can store the backup files on the blog server, upload them to an FTP site or to Amazon’s S3 service. Multiple backup jobs, scheduled execution, notification emails, database optimization… it has a nice feature set.

Broken link checker: Checks every single link in the blog then lists the ones which appear to be dead.

FV WordPress Flowplayer: I used Flowplayer in the old blog as well because it’s reliable and highly configurable. The only problem I have with it is that it doesn’t (yet) support streaming video from an Amazon S3 storage.

Lightbox Plus: Shows images in a fancy way (darkens the background, frames the image, allows the user to move between images, resizes too big images, etc).

It has a bug which makes scrollbars appear around a resized image for no good reason, but I found a simple workaround:
After installing the plugin, locate the actions.class.php file in the
wp-content/plugins/lighbox-plus/classes directory and insert the following line as line #86:

$lbpArrayPrimary[] = 'scrolling:false';

This will prevent any scrollbars appearing even if it would be justified, so only use it with enabled image resize.

MCE Table Buttons: Makes it easy to add table in the visual post editor.

NextGEN Gallery: Image management extension. Image upload, thumbnail generation, slideshows, etc. The only thing I’m missing is the option to override default thumbnail size on a per image basis.

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The blog overhaul is finally done


The new design is finished (I hope you like it), WordPress is up and running and everything is moved over from the old blog.

It wasn’t a smooth ride, it got interesting a few times but now stuff works very well under the hood. Or at least I think it does, but bugs could still remain, so please let me know if you encounter anything broken or just weird. You can contact me using the Contact page, which is not screwed up this time.

The old blog will stay online for a few more days. Tomorrow I’m going to set up redirection scripts so old bookmarks and google cache hit’s will end up on the new blog.

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Moving slowly

Porting the blog data is painfully slow and mind numbingly boring: Paste text, fix links, re-embed media, fix page layout, rinse, repeat. It’s repetitive but requires just enough creativity so it can’t be automated…

But it is worth the effort: the new system is simpler but more powerful. Instead of an external image management app, I use a WordPress plugin. Instead of hacking in Flowplayer, I use its WP plugin for video playback. (No more quicktime crap hah!)

Automated backup solution, Google Analytics integrated to the admin panel, capability to edit posts right in the final, generated page… there is a plugin for almost everything. And even when I needed very specific tweaks (like how to handle drag and dropped images in the visual editor) it was quite easy to write a plugin for that.

Anyways, this week I leave you with an image I made for my dear friend Bojana:

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