Gavit Dev Diary #2

This week’s main achievement is the finalized asset workflow, on which I was agonizing for two weeks now.

I tried out several methods and applications and ended up with this setup:

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Gavit Dev Diary #1’s start off with a quick Q&A to bring you, dear reader, up to speed regarding my current project, Gavit (formerly known as GViz):

What is Gavit?
The name is the abbreviation of Gameplay Visualization Toolkit. It’s an extension of the Unreal Development Kit (UDK) which makes it easier to create machinimas and directed gameplay videos.

So it’s for making stuff like Red vs Blue?
Partly, yes. However it is geared more toward actual game developer needs such as rapid prototyping of assets and special effects or expressing new ideas in a visual way, with videos instead of text.

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A clear goal

For a while now I started to feel that this blog has no clear goal, it’s a bit all over the place. I was often busy with stuff and found it difficult to snap out of what I was doing just to write about a totally different topic.

So I decided that I dedicate these pages to what I’m focusing on in my (so called) real life: my current project. It did pop up here once in a while but now it will be the main topic. Turning the blog into some kind of a developer’s diary will also keep me on my toes: writing down my weekly progress will force me to face with it. So I’m basically pitting my laziness against my pride.

In practice it will look like weekly status reports on every Sunday detailing what I achieved that week and what I’m planning for the next.

I’m going to start with the first issue later today.

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Math and me – Addendum

Here is a great talk from TED, describing how people should learn math, or more like how people should learn to use math to solve real problems.

I wish I had Wolfram Alpha back in high-school… (Or internet.)

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Math and me

I hated math.

In elementary it wasn’t that bad, I was a strong average, didn’t care much about it. Then in high school it all went to hell: I stumbled through the weeks and months with “D”s and “E”s, barely making it to the following year. I spent every Sunday morning at a math tutor’s but that didn’t help much.

Our math teacher also carried our physics classes. I’d always liked physics, right until we started doing the same algebra shit as during math lessons. It was not uncommon from our teacher to abandon physics topics altogether and continue with math problems.

Then came the dreaded day of the exam for the baccalaureate.

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