Gavit Dev Diary #6

Phew, the Necromancer’s staff is finally done:

The far left shows the high definition mesh and textures in 3ds Max 2011’s viewport. It maintained ~30 fps in spite of the object being 770k polygons and using 28 textures with a combined resolution of 45k by 45k.

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Gavit Dev Diary #5

On Monday I started texturing the high definition mesh of the Necromancer staff, using the established workflow: file link the HD models in 3ds Max 2011, create surface node network in the slate editor, render to see what I have. It wasn’t a particularly slow process, Mental Ray is almost as fast as modo’s converging renderer (at similar quality), but every time I used one of my MetaSL utility nodes, I started thinking about how cool it would be to see the high-def surface in real time… But hey, a few weeks ago I spent a considerable amount of time on the MentalMill -> Max workflow and there were just too many usability problems between the two applications.

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Gavit Dev Diary #4

Because the programming department will pick up work only next week I decided to spend a bit more time working on the Necromancer’s staff.

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Bulletstorm multiplayer

Recently I got cable net so for the first time ever I have a good enough internet access for playing shooters online. Not having any other games installed, I gave Bulletstorm’s multiplayer a try and it turned out to be rather fun.

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Gavit Dev Diary #3

This week I fixed the few problems with my MetaSL utility nodes so they are production ready. I also managed to fix a long standing problem regarding baking MetaSL nodes in Max.

This means that one can create very complex realtime shaders (using multiple high definition textures and procedural effects) for the high poly object.  Adjusting the visuals and experimenting with stuff is a very fast process as everything is realtime with instant feedback. (Even a slow “realtime” speed like 1 fps is much much faster then re-rendering the object.) Then the final step is baking the final look onto a low poly mesh so the visuals can be reproduced using simpler, more game friendly shaders.

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