Even more 3D scans

I kept testing Photofly to see what it can do. The biggest project so far was this dead tree:

100 images, 660 Mb of data, 46 manual reference points. The resulting mesh has 800K polygons, a 4K and a 2K textures.

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I’ve just tried Autodesk’s Photofly, a photo based 3d modeling service and the results are pretty good.

My test project was a small rock, roughly 4 x 4 x 3 cm (1.5 x 1.5 x 1.2 inches) in size. I took 57 images, 14 Mp (4000×3000) each, under almost perfect diffuse lighting conditions. The processing of the pictures from file selection to the final, high resolution mesh took about 15 minutes. This includes uploading stuff to the cloud and getting a draft mesh as an intermediate step.

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Normal map sharpening

I’ve never liked how bilinear filtering makes normal maps resemble molten plastic when the camera gets too close. On certain types of surfaces like rock or rusty metal, this effect can be counteracted for some degree by applying a micro normal map. However when it comes to machine like assets with well defined, geometric features, that method doesn’t help much so I tried a different approach.

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Distance field generator for Pixel Bender

Version 1.1 of the filter and it’s documentation is available.

I only tested it on my PC so please let me know if you run into problems on other systems.

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