ExportLayer v1.3 for modo 501

Download: ExportLayer v1.37

It exports the selected layer to a file, using the the name of the layer as the filename. It will not export the default camera and the default distant light.

Supports “lazy Unreal collision object naming”. This means that instead of the proper “UCX_$ParentMeshName” style names it’s enough to just name the collision hulls as “UCX“, the script will fix it during export. Just make sure that the collisions are children of the main mesh.

FBX files can be saved with fake Revit signature which makes it possible to link the produced FBX file in 3ds Max 2011 (File Link Manager).

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Gavit Dev Diary #14

It’s been a while since the last developer diary. Unfortunately the project suffered a serious setback on the programming side: I trusted the wrong person and got screwed. I lost a couple of hundred bucks but more importantly so much time was wasted that the planned animated short (showcasing the features of Gavit) can not be finished in time. I’ll have to come up with some other way to effectively present my achievements to potential employers.

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Thoughts on Razer Hydra

Back in 1998 I saw an ad in a local PC magazine: it was about a gamepad which registered tilting. I was awestruck by the simple but great idea and a few weeks later I bought a Sidewinder Freestyle Pro. The following years I played Midtown Madness and Freespace 2 with it, many, many hours, and I’m a fan of motion controls ever since.

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Treasure chest

I’m using this treasure chest from Gavit as the example asset in an upcoming tutorial about realtime, high definition texturing and baking:

All the work is done in Max 2012’s viewport with instant feedback. Well except when it comes to displacement mapping which still needs a MentalRay render (last image).

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