ExportLayer v1.3 for modo 501

Download: ExportLayer v1.37

It exports the selected layer to a file, using the the name of the layer as the filename. It will not export the default camera and the default distant light.

Supports “lazy Unreal collision object naming”. This means that instead of the proper “UCX_$ParentMeshName” style names it’s enough to just name the collision hulls as “UCX“, the script will fix it during export. Just make sure that the collisions are children of the main mesh.

FBX files can be saved with fake Revit signature which makes it possible to link the produced FBX file in 3ds Max 2011 (File Link Manager).

IMPORTANT: Modo 501 SP3 (and possibly earlier 501 versions) have a nasty bug where displaced SDS geometry is frozen without any deformations. The workaround is similarly ugly: I initiate an incorrect file save which makes an error window pop up which forces some kind of an internal update after which the freeze command works properly. So when you see an error popup saying

Scene save was unsuccessful — Not Found File “C:” not written.

well, it’s “normal”… just click OK and wait for the script to finish.
Also, freezing a PSDS surface messes up morphmaps. The workaround for that slows down the export process considerably.
To avoid freezing altogether use the NOFREEZE parameter.


FBX; LWO; OBJ; COLLADA: They define the output format. Default is FBX.
SILENTSAVE: The file will be saved next to the original file. No dialog will be displayed.
NOQUADS: Triangulates the object the exported object.

FBXREVIT: Saves an FBX file and makes it look like it came from Autodesk Revit.
– In this mode NOQUADS and SILENTSAVE are automatically enabled.
– 3ds Max will only recognize an UV if it’s used by at least one image in the shader tree.

NOFREEZE: The geometry will not be frozen.
NORESIZE: The geometry will not be scaled at all.

BAKINGMORPH: The script will attempt to apply the morphmap called “Baking”. The exported file will get the “_bake” postfix.


– Fixed transform problem, should everything work fine on 601.
– Fixed screwed up UVs when SlipUV was turned on.
– After export the original layer is selected.

– Sped up hacky freezing.

– Proper argument handling.
– The export path will be asked if SILENTSAVE is on but the scene has not yet been saved.

– Mesh pivot is used as origin in the exported file.

– Updated Unreal collision naming with support for multiple primitives.

– Fixed default scaling.
– Added the NORESIZE argument to prevent scaling during export.

– Support for automatically applied morphmap.

– Workaround for SDS freeze bug where no deformation is frozen.
– Workaround for PSDS freeze bug where morphmaps are screwed up after freezing.
– Option to skip freezing the geometry.
– Layer subdivision parameter is properly processed.
– Plain FBX saves in binary format (faster save, smaller file) while FBXREVIT saves in text format (slower save, bigger file).

– Workaround for PSDS scaling bug.

– Support for Revit metadata in FBX files.

– Support for lazy collision hull naming.

– Fixed discarded script arguments.