New tutorial: Texturing with MetaSL in 3dsMax

I’ve been trying to establish a reliable MetaSL based texturing workflow since 3dsMax 2010 but only recently got close to a practical solution. This tutorial is the fruit of that journey.

MetaSL based texturing
Part I: Overview
Part II: A basic example
Part III: Baking
Part IV: Displacement
Part V: An advanced example
Part VI: Tips and tricks
Part VII: Known issues
Part VIII: Node reference

If you find problems or solutions, have suggestions or opinions, please let me know.

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ExportLayer v1.32

Download: ExportLayer v1.32

Changes in v1.32:

  • Fixed default scaling so the “meter per game unit” system setting is factored in.
  • Added the NORESIZE argument to prevent scaling during export.

Changes in v1.31:

  • Support for automatically applied morphmap.
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