Updated photoshop panels

I spent last week installing a 120Gb SSD and setting up the windows 7 from scratch. I had some free time after reinstalling all the applications so I dived into Adobe Configurator and updated my utility panels to CS5:

For download head over to the My Photoshop Panels – CS5 manual.

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Pinball prototype video

Here is a short video showing the current state of the pinball proto:

In the upcoming weeks I’ll add special effects and a dot matrix display, finish the environment and come up with some sort of a “story” so it’s not just random gameplay.

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Gavit Dev Diary #17: More pinball

The code side of things has seen great progress in the last two weeks: now the GVMachine controllers can access mouse axes so I was able to set up mallet based controls for the pinball table:

Linking the mouse input to the mallet and tweaking the values for a good look&feel took about an hour, most of which I spent playtesting. Again, no code was written for the pinball table specifically, only generalized building blocks which were assembled on the map.

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Pinball table update

The table is coming together:

Most features are working (slingshots, drop targets, etc) but there are a few things which are not even modeled yet so I should get back to work.

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Gavit Dev Diary #16: Basic pinball

My first prototype project to be made with Gavit is about exploring variations of the classic pinball mechanics. Thanks to the relative simplicity of the moving components on the table it’s also been a good testcase for debugging Gavit’s machine and control systems.

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