Gavit Dev Diary #19: Hydra integration

We got the Razer Hydra motion controller working in UDK. There are a few issues left to solve but the basic functionality is up and running so I was able to throw together a very simple game to show off motion controls.

This is Reflection Pong where you must prevent pieces from falling into the pool. (You also have a very heavy hat and can’t look up, so must use the reflection to see where the bits are falling from.)

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Gavit Dev Diary #18

I’ve implemented a counter shader in Unreal, similar to the one I made in ShaderFX:

I managed to correct a huge mistake I made back then so now there is no numeric precision related visual degradation present. Float precision still causes a problem but that affects the actual value shown on the counter: at 7 digits the displayed number is occasionally off by 1.

Toward 10 digits the issue becomes much more serious so I’ll need to come up with some sort of a solution. I hope I’ll be able to simplify the math involved (the more operations performed the more precision is lost) but if nothing else helps then I will just duplicate the tree and process the incoming value in two parts.

The Razer Hydra integration progresses somewhat slowly these days. Position and thumbstick data is handled alright but the rest (rotation, acceleration, velocity) is still not implemented. I’ll need at least rotation to be able to make a minigame where one must bounce a ping-pong ball from one paddle to the other to get points (displayed on a fancy counter).

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Prefab icon fix

I hate UnrealEd’s default icon for prefabs: it’s big and opaque, obscuring nearby actors. Here is an alternative image for it:

It’s a .PNG file with transparency and it should be imported into the
package, replacing the existing icon.

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