Thoughts on programming

In the past 5 weeks I was helping out the programmers however I could, that’s why I didn’t update this blog as regularly as before. In spite of spending less time on making pretty things and more looking at screens full of text, I’m quite happy how the past month turned out.

I’ve been programming (or more like scripting, if a real coder reads this) on and off in the last 15 years (with the first few in high-school) but I only worked on smaller, self contained tools, never on complex systems with other programmers.
In the case of Gavit I still didn’t want to touch the code at all. I figured that system design, documentation, modeling/texturing, game/level design and special effect authoring will be enough on my plate. It will be best if professionals take care of the code side, ones who know the engine inside out so stuff will be done the most efficient way possible.

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Gavit Dev Diary #20: Ragdoll posing

We had to cut Gavit’s character related features (for now) but since characters are somewhat important in games and stories I’m looking into alternate means of showing figures and communicating intentions.

The most obvious solution is posing ragdolls, as seen in the following video:

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