Neck deep in C#

A few weeks ago I started learning C# and WPF by starting  to work on a pet project of mine, UniPie. It’s a rather challenging but ultimately satisfying experience so far. My history with LUA, Python and UnrealScript proved to be a blessing most of the time, although it did lead me into a few dead ends. However backing up from those allowed me to discover more of this strange new world so I have no regrets.

I’m working toward the first public release of UniPie after which I’ll be back on the Unreal/special fx track yet again.

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Fire material showcase

This latest video shows a fire material I made:

(Watch it in HD on Vimeo)

The base mechanic works for both meshes and particles, can be used for fires of different scales (from candle flame to forest fire) and the material’s complexity can be adjusted. More details are in the “behind the scenes” article.

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