Guided rigid bodies

I previously discussed replaying user input and in this article I’ll cover a related feature: recording and replaying rigid body motion.

The basics are quite simple: dump transformations of a physics driven actor to a file and then convert that data into a matinee, like before. However simply replaying the motion track with a mover has an inherent problem: impact and slide effects, defined in physical materials, won’t happen because no actual collisions occur. All the special effects (impact dust puff, damage decals, sparks, etc) would need to be placed and timed manually. That would be a bad workflow. Fortunately the solution is rather straightforward:

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Multi-pass performance recording and replay

I’ve just finished the first iteration of the performance recording and replay mechanics in Gavit: now user actions can be captured and turned into a matinee using an external application.

Let’s say there is a fire truck which is a “machine” in Gavit. The truck has two main, controllable features: the body which can be driven around and the water cannon which can be aimed and fired. These translate to “machine components” inside the machines: each component monitors one particular input (like x360 left stick or the mouse). In this example the vehicle itself could react to the left stick while the water cannon to the right one.

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ExportLayer v1.35

Download: ExportLayer v1.35

Changes in v1.35:

  • Proper argument handling which makes it compatible with modo 601.
  • The export path will be asked if SILENTSAVE is on but the scene has not yet been saved.
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