Unity3d first impressions

I’m taking a break from the Unreal Engine to spend some time with Unity3d. I started working on a realtime model viewer for this blog but got sidetracked and made a dynamic grid editor extension first, available in the asset store.

I yet to mess with the game engine part of Unity but the editor itself is excellent. I’ve been using UnrealEd for 13 years so it’s pretty much muscle memory by now but when compared to Unity, it just doesn’t hold up. The Unreal Engine still has one of the best node based material editor in the industry, something Unity sorely lacks, but otherwise it’s not even contest.

My favorite editor features so far:

  • Editor scripting: From creating game objects to drawing custom gizmos in the viewport, great many things can be coded.
  • Flexible editor GUI: dockable panels, layout presets.
  • Asset management: Like directly importing modo files… mind -peww- blown.
  • On the fly C# compile: Code in Visual Studio, switch back to Unity, wait for compiling to finish, see results.

So I’m very excited to explore this new toy further.