In the new year I started actively looking for a job abroad so I created a portfolio magazine and updated the article about the now defunct Punisher PSN game with two videos showing the maps and special effects I worked on.

Currently I’m developing a simple but visual effects heavy Unity game called One Minute Dungeon. It’s really just a real life scenario to learn the ropes and to test what the engine can do vfx wise.

It became clear early on that the stock particle system is very limited, especially when compared to UDK’s Cascade. Right now I don’t mind this because the tricks and workarounds I have to come up with force me to learn more about the internal workings of the engine. However in an actual production environment I’d be very unhappy with the sub-par solution so with I started working on a flexible, modular particle system (AMPS). The high level design is in reasonably good shape so when I’m done with the UI mockups then I’ll be able to write a post about the general idea.