How I changed the way I live following little story is not about serious stuff like recovering from alcoholism, quitting the life of crime or how I stopped visiting hookers (’cause I didn’t).
It’s about common problems, straightforward solutions and somewhat unexpected results.

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Game developer magazine

Back in July the production editor of Game Developer magazine offered me a gig: reviewing modo as a game development tool. Of course I was more than happy to give it a try.

Modo 401 was just released at that point and I jumped into a quick project to see how the new features and the bugfixes are working out in real life. I created a few objects, from concept art to the final in-game version. I took notes, swore a lot, and when the project ended, I started writing.

It was an interesting challenge to cover all the important features while not exceeding the word count limit. It took me a few rewrites but with the kind help of the editor the article eventually made it to the November issue. If you can get your hands on either a printed or a digital copy, it’s on page 34. :)

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