Thoughts on DeusEx:HR

If Eidos Montréal’s latest game was called “The Machine Within: Beyond Human” or perhaps “Augmented: The Human Factor” or something like that then I could summarize the game like this:

“An excellent game which, in spite of its flaws, easily stands out from the flood of angry space marine shooters. The game mechanics are approachable but also flexible enough to indulge a wide range of play styles. The gameplay, the mood, the story, the visuals and the audio aspects of the game are very well balanced which makes it a very entertaining title even if there is indeed room for improvement.”

So if it had no relation to the original Deus Ex game then this article would end here. But it has so I’ll go on and list the ways I feel DX:HR doesn’t quite measure up to it’s predecessor. Make no mistake, I really appreciate the effort of the developers and that they did succeed several ways with this great game. Counting the things they got right would take too long :) and wouldn’t help defining why I label the original Deus Ex as “My Favourite Game Ever”, so here is what I didn’t like about DX:HR.

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The original Deus Ex is my favorite FPS game so when I heard that they are making a prequel I was intrigued. I figured that if a company picks up such a lesser known franchise then they must have a pretty solid idea what to do with it. (And probably know how big of a meh DX:Invisible War was and will try to avoid the same mistakes.) Of course “solid idea” might not necessary mean “great idea” (*cough* X-Com *cough*) but hell, it’s time for a proper first person think/explore/decide sort of game, I hoped that Eidos Montreal gets it right. saw an early render trailer and read an interview with one of the developers and that was convincing enough to make me avoid any further news regarding the game: No screenshots, no trailers, no dev diaries, no reviews mean no spoilers. (I did check the metacritic score.)
I bought the game on Steam, waited for the first two patches and then started playing.

All I can say is that this is how you make a game in this day and age.

I’d like to have more games where the most glaring problems are the choppy menu UI and that the mouse doesn’t work in gamepad mode. (Clever people already fixed the unskippable intro videos.)

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Bulletstorm multiplayer

Recently I got cable net so for the first time ever I have a good enough internet access for playing shooters online. Not having any other games installed, I gave Bulletstorm’s multiplayer a try and it turned out to be rather fun.

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Game music remixes

Excellent remixes of excellent music tracks from excellent games:

Paul Ograbisz – Mercenary Killer Pilot (Raptor Remix)
Paul Ograbisz – Dark War (Rise Of The Triad Remix)
(Look for that tiny “Play direct from Paul Ograbisz” text.)

SongeLeReveur – Megaman 3 Intro

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New XCOM game: Shooter missing the point

The recent announcement of a new XCOM game pissed off quite a few X-Com fans but I don’t really understand them.
I mean, the franchise was abused before so one more crappy xcom game shouldn’t be such a surprise.

Okay, maybe the game won’t be “crappy” per se but it won’t be an true XCOM game either, here is why:

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New Super Mario Bros: Addendum

I.: I really, truly and wholeheartedly hate all and every underwater levels.

II.: What the hell is going on with World 9-7? It’s so ridiculously difficult and mean that it’s borderline Asshole Mario.

III.: Still love the game. :)

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