Drone Alone v0.11

In v0.11 the Thruster engine is tweaked to be less floaty and a first person camera was added to make it easier to fly around with said engine.

The project now has it’s own page where you’ll find installation instructions, changelog, etc.

Finally here is a video of v0.11:

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Drone Alone v0.1

The first public build is available:

Drone Alone v0.1 (Windows, 74 MB)


Extract the archive to an empty folder then start the game with the executable:
DroneAlone_v0.1 \ DroneAlone \ Binaries \ Win64 \ DroneAlone.exe

This version is for testing drone engines and controls: a series of balloons are placed on the map and they pop if the drone touches them. Try to finish the course as fast as you can.
The J/K/L keys switch between propeller/thruster/pulse engines. The I key inverts vertical looking. Escape closes the game.
There are no real weapons yet, only a nudger trace is produced on left click.

Ideas, opinions and suggestions are welcome in the official forum thread.


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EDIT: Fixed download link.

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Bugs, delay

For the last week I’ve been battling with two show-stopper bugs in the Unreal Engine: one in v4.1.1 and another in v4.2. The second one is my bigger concern right now so I’m trying to find some kind of a workaround but it’s a tough nut to crack.

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Drone Alone: Technical details

Since I’m still learning the tricks and best practices of the engine there have been and probably will be extensive changes in the implementation but here is how things are set up at the moment.

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Drone Alone: The environment

The game currently has a single, blocked out test map where I’m experimenting with different kind of spaces to see what works. For example a room too densely packed with furniture might be difficult to navigate without bumping into stuff. Too big and open areas could look empty and provide little cover.

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Drone Alone: Engines and controls

The hero of the game is a general purpose home security drone with different engine modules. Each engine has the following properties:

  • Size
    Self explanatory. With a big engine the drone is easier to hit by enemy fire and might not fit through tight openings.
  • Speed
    How fast it moves on the three axes.
  • Inertia
    How much it drifts before stopping.
  • Stability
    How stable the drone is while standing still. Low stability means small random movements while floating, making aiming more difficult.
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