Going open source

I’ve made two of my projects open source:

Amps, a modular particle system for Unity 3D:

UnrealShader, an UnrealEngine-esque physically based shader for Modo 801:

Enjoy. :)

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Amps Beta

I’ve just finished the beta release of Amps: new features, new modules, etc.

EDIT: Added the updated documentation and an article detailing the inner workings of the demo emitters.

This is the updated demo scene:

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Amps Alpha 1

Amps is ready for its first, very much alpha release. The purpose of this is to test the framework and the usability of the Amps editor. Contains only a basic set of modules but every subsystem works.

Here is a demo scene:

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Amps – Basics

During the past 4 weeks I implemented the framework for this particle system so Amps reached its first working version. In this article I’ll describe the basic workflow through a few examples.

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Amps – Introduction

To deepen my knowledge of Unity I decided to make a particle system for it: It’s called Another Modular Particle System or “Amps”.

My goal is to create a modular, extensible system where creating complex particle behaviors is reasonably easy. This article describes the high level concepts.

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In the new year I started actively looking for a job abroad so I created a portfolio magazine and updated the article about the now defunct Punisher PSN game with two videos showing the maps and special effects I worked on.

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