Updated photoshop panels

I spent last week installing a 120Gb SSD and setting up the windows 7 from scratch. I had some free time after reinstalling all the applications so I dived into Adobe Configurator and updated my utility panels to CS5:

For download head over to the My Photoshop Panels – CS5 manual.

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ExportLayer v1.32

Download: ExportLayer v1.32

Changes in v1.32:

  • Fixed default scaling so the “meter per game unit” system setting is factored in.
  • Added the NORESIZE argument to prevent scaling during export.

Changes in v1.31:

  • Support for automatically applied morphmap.
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ExportLayer v1.3 for modo 501

Download: ExportLayer v1.37

It exports the selected layer to a file, using the the name of the layer as the filename. It will not export the default camera and the default distant light.

Supports “lazy Unreal collision object naming”. This means that instead of the proper “UCX_$ParentMeshName” style names it’s enough to just name the collision hulls as “UCX“, the script will fix it during export. Just make sure that the collisions are children of the main mesh.

FBX files can be saved with fake Revit signature which makes it possible to link the produced FBX file in 3ds Max 2011 (File Link Manager).

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Motionbuilder 2011: Epic fail

The 2011 release of Autodesk Motionbuilder is one of the buggiest software I’ve ever used. It’s so full of massive, show-stopper bugs that I can’t comprehend how it got through QA.

Here are the worst issues I’ve encountered so far:

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MyBatchExport script updated to v1.4

I’ve just updated my UDK compatible FBX exporter for MotionBuilder:

MyBatchExport.py (v1.4)

– There is a simple UI for choosing which takes to export: the current one or all of them.

– A popup window appears after export where you can choose to reopen the original version of the processed scene. I recommend not reopening the scene if you wish to export another single take.
Please note that the processed scene has motions plotted which might mean the loss of manually placed (easy to adjust) keyframe data so be careful not to save the scene!

– Root bone movement is now plotted correctly. (The top most bones in the scene hierarchy are considered root bones.)

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IllusTweaks v1.1

I updated IllusTweaks. These are the changes in v1.1:

• Pie menu has item highlighting.
• The pie menu only shows up on the canvas.
• The mousewheel zooms only on the canvas and works as usual everywhere else.
• The mouse does not jump back to its original location if the RMB is released outside the pie menu. (Cancel action.)

Download: IllusTweaks.zip (v1.1)

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