2 channel diffuse textures

Certain types of diffuse textures have a wide range of lightness and saturation values but they vary little in terms of hue. We can exploit this property and pack the image into only two texture channel, complemented with a single color constant, allowing us to store arbitrary data in the remaining two channels of the image (normal XY, specular amount and roughness, etc).

Update: Added channel selection and artifact comparison.

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New tutorial: Texturing with MetaSL in 3dsMax

I’ve been trying to establish a reliable MetaSL based texturing workflow since 3dsMax 2010 but only recently got close to a practical solution. This tutorial is the fruit of that journey.

MetaSL based texturing
Part I: Overview
Part II: A basic example
Part III: Baking
Part IV: Displacement
Part V: An advanced example
Part VI: Tips and tricks
Part VII: Known issues
Part VIII: Node reference

If you find problems or solutions, have suggestions or opinions, please let me know.

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New tutorial about reflections

Here is a new tutorial:

Reflections in Unreal
A few words on different reflection types, their usage and implementation in Unreal. Read»

Enjoy. :)

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