My Photoshop Panels CS5/CS6

These Photoshop extensions are updated versions of the utility panels I made for CS4.


[note class=”download”]My Photoshop Panels CS5/CS6


The toolbar is still designed to be placed at the top of the screen, after the menu…

…while the tool panel is better fit to the secondary display:

Installation for CS5

Extract the zip file to a folder and double click the .zxp file to install them through Adobe Extension Manager.
The *.jsx file is Photoshop export script, made by James Deschenes. It provides a one click export of the currently selected layer(-group) to PNG using its name. It’s recommended to install the script, so the related button will work: Just copy it to Presets/Scripts/ in your Photoshop directory.

The “Filter Forge 3” and “PixelBender” buttons won’t work unless you have those plugins installed.

Installation for CS6

Extract the zip file to “\Plug-ins\Panels\” folder in your Photoshop application folder.
The “Filter Forge 3” button won’t work unless you have that plugin installed.


The icons used are from Adobe Photoshop and Corel PaintShopPro, some of them was made by me.

The panels were made with Adobe Configurator v2.01 and v3.1 .

The SelectedTextureExport scripts were made by James Deschenes (