Viewport and Level Editing Enhancements for Unity 3D. Details »
One-minute Dungeon
Special effect showcase made with Unity 3D.
Details »
A modular and extensible particle system for Unity 3D v4. Details »
Unity tools
Editor extensions and tools for Unity 3D. Details »
A UDK based rapid prototyping and machinima creation toolkit. Details »
The Punisher: No Mercy
An online shooter for the PS3 based on the Marvel comics. Details »
A universal pie menu and input remapping system.
Details »
Filter Forge filters
Several filters I made by/for FilterForge.
Details »
Modo scripts
A few modo scripts I worked on.
Details »
Metaball 2
A physics oriented action/puzzle game using UT 3.
Details »
An action/puzzle mod for UT2004.
Details »
A car racing/destruction mod for UT2004.
Details »
Photoshop scripts and panels
Scripts and custom flash panels for Photoshop.
Details »
Illustrator extensions
A custom pie menu for Illustrator.
Details »
Motionbuilder scripts
Scripts for Autodesk Motionbuilder 2011.
Details »
A realtime shader made with MentalMill.
Details »
'It lives on'
An image I made for a contest.
Details »
Other games
Really old game projects.
Details »