Counter shader for Unity

The first version of the counter shader is available in the Unity asset store.

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The Leap Motion

A few years ago I bought a Wacom Pen & Touch tablet. The “Pen” part is working great but the “Touch” turned out to be utterly useless. But by then I really grew fond of the idea of having a touchpad next to the keyboard, at my left hand, so I kept looking for another solution.

I read about the Leap Motion and it looked very interesting: a high precision low latency motion controller made for desktop use. Their pitch of “waving hands in the air is a revolutionary way to control the computer” is nothing more than marketing: no one likes to hold up their hands in the air for more than a few minutes. However on the forums one of the developers confirmed that it can be used on its side, looking at the table, and that’s when this device turned from gimmick to something potentially useful. I ordered it and started thinking about how to turn my table into a big touchpad with the motion controller.

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Amps Alpha 1

Amps is ready for its first, very much alpha release. The purpose of this is to test the framework and the usability of the Amps editor. Contains only a basic set of modules but every subsystem works.

Here is a demo scene:

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Amps – Basics

During the past 4 weeks I implemented the framework for this particle system so Amps reached its first working version. In this article I’ll describe the basic workflow through a few examples.

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Unity web player embedding

This is a test for inserting the Unity web player to blog posts:

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