MetaSL based texturing
Reflections in Unreal
A few words on different reflection types, their usage and implementation in Unreal. Read »
A 3D game asset workflow
Description of a workflow where in-game textures are baked from a textured high definition source mesh.
Part I: The theory – Overview
Part II: The theory – A closer look
Part III: The highpoly object in modo 401
Part IV: The lowpoly object in modo 401
UI element shaders in ShaderFX.
Shaders for common user interface components like progress bars, gauges and counters.

Part I: Progress bars
Part II: Counters

Deposit shader in MentalMill
A shader for simulating snow, dust, moss and a like. Read »
Derived texture maps
Deriving different texture maps from photo based diffuse textures.

Part I: Introduction
Part II: Rock surface
Bump tool reference

Modo 401 to Unreal workflow
Explaining the Modo 401 to Unreal workflow for both static and skeletal meshes.

Part I: Static meshes
Part II: Skeletal meshes

2D tile rendering in Modo
Making tiles for orthogonal 2D games.
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Damaging metal surfaces
Applying damage to metallic surfaces.
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Multi UV texturing
More UVs, fewer textures.
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